Technical Team Augmentation

We have the right professionals to manage your IT infrastructure whatever your requirements:

  • You’re a business needing to augment your existing team
  • You’re a business needing professionals to deliver an end-to-end solution
  • You’re a business needing an experienced help desk managing your internal IT issues

We understand that you need a partner that knows your business framework and environment, and can act as an extension of your existing team to provide advanced technical solutions. From troubleshooting IT errors to removing IT bottlenecks, our primary purpose is to allow for faster, more efficient business operations.

Our mission is build lasting relationships with our clients by providing them security, stability and peace of mind, with strategic and innovative IT solutions that keep their businesses running smoothly. Our certified team works strategically with clients to transform their business with modern IT solutions, delivered with swift and friendly service.

Greenhouse Systems holds the highest level of technical and commercial engagement with every major network equipment vendor. This means that you have the best possible support from a partner that has been extensively audited across SLA Management, Trouble Ticketing & Case Management, Escalation and Parts replacement.

Greenhouse Systems is certified across Enterprise and Service Provider Technical Segments meaning that we can provide extensive consultancy support to customers on their SCADA, LAN, WAN and/or Carrier Based Networks.

Systems Design and Integration

At Greenhouse Systems, we pride ourselves on being best-in-class Integration Specialists in the industry. Our engineers design, develop and integrate systems and applications to successfully solve the challenges within your business with the focus of optimising your operations.

Systems Integration is a necessity for any organisation’s long-term productivity and profitability, but each business is different and has its own unique requirements. As a result, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all solution nor do we provide generic advice. We take the time to understand your business to ensure that you get the most out of your systems.

Our services range from systems consultation through to installation and support, offering complex systems integration for building and access control systems. We provide custom solutions for expert IT systems integration, drawing from our extensive knowledge of hardware and software options and how they fit into real-time business operations.

Greenhouse Systems is certified across Enterprise and Service Provider Technical Segments meaning that we can provide extensive consultancy support to customers on their SCADA, LAN, WAN and or carrier-based networks.

We back that up with expert installation, SaaS offerings for network and systems monitoring, and 24/7 support that has you covered at no additional cost.

Greenhouse Systems will work with you to meet your business’ unique needs, with the right advice and the highest quality service. Contact us today to find out how our expert IT systems integration team can support you in transforming your business.

We Deliver:

  • Strategic Systems Consulting
  • Seamless Processes
  • Connected Workflows
  • Greater Intelligence
  • Increased IT Performance
  • Improved Customer Experience


Our Guarantees:

  • NO vendor favouritism
  • 24/7 coverage and technical support
  • Aggressive SLA’s, down to a 15 minute response time
  • We’re extensively audited (SLA management, trouble ticketing & case management, escalation, and parts replacement).

Automation & Development

Inefficient and ineffective manual processes may be hindering your company’s output and performance. We specialise in helping companies move towards more advanced technologies, saving you wasted time and money on complicated processes.

Gain the advantage of a fully functional IT system that is operationally reliable and efficient. Our automation integrators will refine these processes by pulling relevant data from your business systems and redesigning them to improve performance. Our automations integrate directly into your other software and hardware to support seamless organisation-wide automation.


When there’s a concern with an internet service provider, fixing the issue can be tedious and overwhelming. You don’t need to do it alone.

Greenhouse Systems has over 40 years combined experience with all Australian ISPs, giving us an expert level knowledge of their operations, the rights of the customer, and how to advocate on behalf of a customer who needs to contend with their ISP. Industry knowledge and experience helps us achieve the best outcome for our customers with our IT advocacy services.

If you need to achieve a release from agreement, navigate terms and conditions, or otherwise resolve ongoing matters, Greenhouse Systems will be on your side. Contact us today to find out how our expert IT advocacy services can support you to stay connected while getting the most out of your processes.

Why Choose Greenhouse Systems?

Specialist Knowledge

Every project is overseen by a qualified engineer with at least 10 years experience, and the company directors are involved with every account and almost every engagement. Our services are based on proven methodologies, and delivered by field experts.

Bespoke Solutions

We understand that no two businesses are the same, so we don’t offer generic advice. We take the time to understand what you need, and customise an approach tailored to your business. With a high priority focus on business efficiency, our systems drive seamless integration and operation to free up your IT resources and make IT work for you. 

Proactive Support

We include around-the-clock care as a standard feature of our support services and stay ahead of any network issues that may arise. Our support team are highly skilled in troubleshooting errors and come with a strong assurance of diligence and care when fixing the problem. 

Strategy & Governance

We save you time, money, and stress, by preventing downtime and service interruptions. Our methodologies focuses on improving your business operations with tactical problem-solving. We provide forward-thinking technology strategies that aim to increase the value of your business.

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